Thursday, March 25, 2010

Goodbye Stampin' Up

Well the time has come to leave Stampin' Up and concentrate my crafting efforts elsewhere. The Mini Launch mentioned below will be one of my very last Stampin' Up activities before my Demonstratorship gets cancelled on April 16th.

Thank you to all my friends and customers who supported me in my endeavours with Stampin' Up. I really appreciate your support and I am so glad that I met the amazing amount of papercrafters that I did during my journey.

If you have any questions or NEED (it's always a need isn't it??) anything from the current catalogues before the 15th April please contact me at

I can now be found here at and I work at where I am teaching scrapbooking, stamping and cardmaking. I love this craft and want to continue sharing it with you.

Thank you.