Wednesday, October 15, 2008 there anybody out there???

OMG, it has been so long!! Over a month since my last post. I honestly don't know where the time has gone. But there is a reason for it. Over the last month we decided to try and sell our house and during that process I lost my beloved study. Oh the pain!! My beloved youngest now has his own room and I am 'kicked out' to the 'studio' (it's really my garage but studio sound sooo much nicer don't you think?). My computer was moved into a childs room for the period of trying to sell, therefore I couldn't get onto it of a night time, which is the most common time for me to play on it and update my blogs. It was like having my arms chopped off I tell you!

Well, we have decided to stay put and have taken the house off the market again (the house we really wanted sold and we couldn't find anything else we liked - plus we do love the area we live in), I am unable to get my study back due to a happy little 3 year old and finally I have moved the computer back out to the lounge room. So I will be back to sharing some creations and information with you again.

I have held a couple of stamping classes at home recently and wanted to share with you what we created last night. It is a cute little bauble card cased from Becky Roberts that can be used on your gifts for Christmas or even as tree ornaments. Very sweet!And most of you probably already know of Stampin' Up's birthday special on this month. It's easy - spend $20 on product and have the opportunity to buy one of five stamp sets at 20% off. What a great saving! I have taken advantage of the special and they arrived today. Stay tuned for samples from 'Birthday Best' and 'Big Bold Birthday'.
As you can see the special ends on the 31st October, so if you want to take advantage and purchase any of the following stamp set specials please contact me ASAP.
Will be back to update again in the next few days with my upcoming classes.


ScrappyMum said...

Glad to see you back!!! I was beginning to wonder where you went!!! I still check out your sight when I have a minute (or when I need some inspiration).

Linda said...

Yes, we are still out there! Love your photo on the blog Alex. :-)