Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thank you for Blog Award

Thanks so much Fiona.  
Thank you for following my blog Fiona (it's nice to know you are out there - Hi!) and for awarding me the Marie Antoinette blogging award.  How exciting!  Fiona's new blog can be found here.  

Now the rules are that I have to show the award (tick), link to the person who awarded it (tick) and award it to 7 other deserving bloggers.  Mmmmm, so many I love how do I narrow it down?

1.  Well, because this is a Marie Antoinette award I have to show you Natasha's blog because it is so relevent to what she loves.  Lots of pretties to look at here.

2.  And this blog I check EVERY day.  I am so inspired by Melissa Phillips and just love her style.  Yummy shabby chic style scrapping and card making.

3.  I also love this blog, although I can't understand a word she writes (lol).  I love her shabby chic style also.

4.  Love Hilary Kanwischer's scrapping style.  Seem to be visiting here alot lately.

5.  Janelle Wind......scrapbooking and quilting all in one.  Mmmmmm.  Her quilting designs are great eye candy for me (who no longer seems to sew anything!) and I love her scrapping style.

6.  I have just recently found this blog and it sure does inspire me to scrap more.  Be  sure to take a look at Nics Nook.

7.  And lastly, not a blog but a site that I visit regularly and tell all my friends and customers about it all the time.  Split Coast Stampers.  Gotta be the best place for ideas, tutorials etc.

Go and take a peek at the above talented people.  I seem to draw inspiration from so many places here on the web and these are at the top of my list at the moment.  Very addicted I am!!  I'm sure you know what I mean!?!?

Here is another card I have created from the mini catalogue to finish up with.

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