Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Mothers Day with Stampin Up

4 More sleeps and it is the time to celebrate being a Mother.  I love this job, not all the time but the majority of it I love.  Nothing brings me more joy than my three boys. I love that too!  Did I need to tell you that though??  Combining the two is just perfect.  So if your other-half and kiddies need something that you will enjoy for a Mothers Day gift, why not a Gift Certificate.  Give hubby my email address ( and I can make him up something like this to give you on Sunday morning:

Inside is a Gift Certificate to the value of his choice.  Then you can browse the catalogue while you eat your breakfast in bed and choose what you are going to spend it on.  

Need a gift for YOUR Mum.  Why not get her one too?  

Have a fabulous day.

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