Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another Happy Heart

Here is another card using the set mentioned in the last post.  
I just love this heart.  It is my favourite stamp at the moment.  And although this set has a Valentines Day stamp in it, it can be used for soooo much more.  You will also see my favourite swirl in the background there, Baroque Motifs.  Love it.

Happy Valentines Day by the way.  Forgot to mention that yesterday didn't I?  We had a lovely day at the Terrigal Markets, my Mum and I.  Didn't do very well, the rain kept the customers away.  But I spent the day with one of my favourite people so that was good.  Here she is with our little stall.  Isn't she gorgeous!
We snacked on this (so not good for the diet!):

Mum and I watched a movie in the afternoon while all the boys were busy out in my studio.  Mmmm, wonder what they were up to??

We then had a beautiful dinner made by Anthony.  Pasta with prawns, yes they are heart shaped pasta pieces.  Aren't they cute?

Then the boys disappeared out the front door and then came in one by one to present Mum and I with handmade cards and pale pink roses.  Here is Mum with hers (yep, she got teary):
And here are mine:

And here is the card my darling husband created all by himself.  Aaah.  Gotta love him.
Hope you had a fabulous Valentines Day and received something special.  Even if it was the chance to count your blessings.  

Have a good Monday tomorrow.  Bye for now,

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