Sunday, August 16, 2009

Teachers Gifts

The boys went off to school today with these for their teachers.
When we made mention to Sam's teachers on Friday that we were making Cookies & Cream cupcakes on the weekend. They wanted to know if they were coming to school with him on Monday. So we made them yesterday and I bought this gorgeous Timeless Template last night and made the cute little boxes to put them in.

Arn't they just the sweetest? I hope they like them (and I hope they are not left in the bottom of school bags for me to find this afternoon.....eeeeek!)

Keep watch here on the blog as I will be doing a class on these boxes really soon. (Not the cupcakes I'm afraid, while they are really yummy I have no desire to be a cooking teacher!! Am sure that I can pass on the recipe though!!)

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liz said...

very cute Alex, sometimes I wish I was a teacher!!